"It is important for humans to feel safe"

Dear Dr. Westmoreland,

I was a graduate of Samford in 2006. I look back on my years at Samford fondly. One of the things I share with people is that Samford felt like family. The size of the school, the collective longing for community, and the overall attitude of the staff all contributed to me feeling loved and safe there. 

Safe. It is important for humans to feel safe. As young children develop safety is crucial. As 19 year olds are entering their years at Samford I know you want them to feel safe and supported. 

This is why I want to urge you to allow ALL students to feel safe, no matter what their journey.

We all know that these are crucial days for all evangelical institutions. I really do believe that the stances that are taken now by institutions on LGBTQ issues will be ingrained in history. I would love to be able to say that Samford stood on the right side. 

Thank you,
Mary Eleanor Wallace, Class of '06

Brit Blalock